Q: Under what conditions should I utilize Black Diamond Networks Services?
A: We encourage you to use us when your project is up against a deadline and you are in need of a highly experienced IT or Engineering professional. If your internal staff is lacking the specialized skills to complete your project on time, Black Diamond Networks will help you find the right person to meet your time-critical project deadlines.

Q: What level of contractor expertise does Black Diamond Networks offer?
A: Our daily focus is based on proactively recruiting only experienced, professional contractors. Our ability to attract the nations' top talent is the best in the industry. We represent individuals who have chosen contracting as a career, with the average experience level being 10+ yrs. As a result, you can rely on our contractors to meet your project demands.

Q: What seperates Black Diamond Networks from other firms?
A: Professionalism, honesty and the ability to deliver in time-critical situations. Our staff is unmatched in the industry in our ability to recruit the specialized IT or Engineering professionals that can be on site when you need them.

Q: Where does Black Diamond Networks find its contractors?
A: Most of Black Diamond's experienced contractors are referred to us by other talented professionals in the industry. We consistently work with referrals from out current top Engineering & IT talent nationwide.

Q: I have a project deadline to meet and need a contract engineer here by Monday to assist during this peak weekload. Can Black Diamond Networks support my request on such short notice?
A: Realizing that are clients usually need someone "yesterday," we are structured to react quickly. Drawing from our established national database of contract professionals, we can support our client's critical staffing needs by qualifying and submitting candidates within 24 hours of receiving the request. Our database allows us the opportunity to search locally, regionally and nationally for the best available talent.

Q: What are Black Diamond Networks rates?
A: Our rates vary for each individual contractor that we represent. These rates are based on the level of experience/skill that our clients are looking for. We consistently provide our clients with senior level expertise at a fair, market rate that fits into our client's budget.

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